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      About LYC


      • 2015-2020
      • 2014-2010
      • 2009-2005
      • 2004-1999
      • 1998-1954


      July 21st

      8m precision slewing bearing off production line at LYC

      January 31st

      12.5 meter CNC double column beam vertical machine tool which is the largest tool in bearing industry in China located in LYC.



      LYC becomes the first and only AAR approved bearing manufacturer in China


      LYC hold the overseas distributor annual meeting

      July 3

      LYC successfully supporting the worlds largest single caliber radio telescope


      LYC passed the audit of AAR’s M-1003



      The heaviest, biggest and highest precision split slewing bearing was successfully completed at LYC


      The largest and heaviest integral slewing bearing in China is completed in LYC


      The split industrial CT machine slewing bearing which is the domestic first set and the most complex structure was offline in LYC


      LYC passed GL Wind power product certification


      LYC passed CRCC On-Site Surveillance Audit



      The first set of high-precision slewing bearing with helical teeth finished producing in LYC


      Congratulations for LYC Class K TBU successfully assembled in USA


      Main slewing bearing of shield tunneling machine manufactured by LYC for Hefei Rail Transit Line 3 past the acceptance of experts in the industry.




      LYC Successfully supported the First Flight Largest Amphibious Aircraft in China



      the?slewing bearing with diameter of 5.44 meters was completed at LYC and passed the site acceptance by the customer. This bearing was designed for the domestic largest 520 ton ladle?turret?of?conticaster.


      June 5

      The? class E railway bearings obtained AAR approval

      May 10

      LYC supports the successful development of domestic shield machine

      Feb. 21

      The first large diameter off-axis telescope bearing in China was successfully finished from production line at LYC

      July 30

      10.3-meter-diameter integrated extra large slewing bearing was born in LYC


      LYC provides Marine engineering bearings to the world's largest port machinery manufacturer


      The first set of high-precision slewing bearing with helical teeth finished producing in LYC


      April 2014

      Prepare for the new factory construction,held stone-setting ceremony


      October 2010

      LYC decided to set up a joint venture with NTN in Luoyang.

      August 16th 2010

      A set of independent intellectual property rights of six row cylindrical roller slewing bearing was assembly in LYC. It filled the gap of this kind of bearing structure in China.

      July 10th 2010

      China's President Mr. Hu visited LYC

      February 2010

      LYC did a comprehensive industrial upgrade

      February 26th 2010

      China's largest bearing was born in LYC, outer diameter 6.25m, weighing 14.07 tons. It refreshed the national record again.

      February 25th 2010

      LYC has successfully developed a new type of high-nitrogen corrosion resistant bearing steel. After few performance tests, each indicators shown that meets the US aerospace material standards.


      October 19th 2009

      LYC drafted "Rolling Bearing - Speedup Cargo Railway Bearing Industry Standards" that got approved.

      February 20th 2009

      LYC has successfully cooperated with the world famous auto company--Peugeot Citroen Group of France, became the first bearing manufacturer that entered into this group in China.

      Jan 2009

      Prepare for the new factory construction,held stone-setting ceremony


      September 28th 2008

      With the Chinese astronauts safely returned to the ground, LYC support "Shenzhou Series" and "Change Series" continuously.

      September 17th 2008

      LYC New-park was established that aimed in wind turbine bearings, precision bearings, auto bearings and new R&D center.


      August 2007

      The first national set of 2.0MW wind turbine bearing was successfully6 launched in LYC, and it also accepted by customer.


      LYC drafted the "Rolling Bearing in Wind Turbines" standards that approved by National Rolling Bearing Standard Technical Committee.


      January 2005

      LYC conquer the high-speed precision ceramic ball bearing, produced two batch of bearing the reached C grade precision level.


      December 18th 2004

      Prepare for the new factory construction,held stone-setting ceremony


      July 2003

      Prepare for the new factory construction,held stone-setting ceremony


      October 2002

      LYC developed the TK-N312 high-speed wire rod mill bearing won the key national new product.


      May 10th 2001

      LYC developed slewing bearing with 16870 kg that refreshed the national weight record again.

      February 23rd 2001

      The first set of large stainless steel bearing was born in LYC.


      December 1999

      LYC has independently developed 2788/1722 wind generator yaw bearing that replaced SKF bearing.

      September 24th 1999

      The first set of sealed structure super-large rolling mill bearing was born in LYC.

      January 21st 1999

      LYC got ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 certification.



      LYC Bearing Co., Ltd founded in Luoyang Henan.


      July 24th 1957

      The first batch products of 2191 sets of auto gear box bearing was born.


      October 1959

      LYC has successfully developed the four row tapered roller bearing 10777/750 with 1.22 m diameter and 3994 kg weight that used on rolling mill.

      March 15th 1959

      China's first set of four row tapered roller bearing 777/650 with 1.03 outer diameter, 0.65 inner diameter and 1769 kg weight that used on rolling mill was born in LYC.


      September 27th 1982

      LYC has successfully developed the four row tapered roller bearing 10777/750 with 1.22 m diameter and 3994 kg weight that used on rolling mill.



      Provincial Foreign Economy and Trade Commission give the import and export right to LYC. LYC entered the international market.


      December 18th 1995

      A set of super-large bearing with 5m outer ring, 4.068m inner ring and 14131 kg weight was born in LYC, refreshed the national bearing weight record.



      LYC has successfully developed international advanced level high-speed passenger railway bearing.


      March 1998

      LYC has completed the gate series bearing used in Xiaolangdi Water Control Project. lead the rolling bearing application in China.

      January 15th 1988

      Prepare for the new factory construction,held stone-setting ceremony

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